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Maximize your crypto earnings. With Jerricky, every day is payday.

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Copy the contract address and insert it as a custom token on PancakeSwap to swap with BNB.

About Jerricky

Revolutionizing Staking in Cryptocurrency

Jerricky brings a groundbreaking approach to staking, allowing holders to earn consistently. Experience the power of daily rewards with a cryptocurrency built for the modern world.

  • Earn 1% of your holdings every day.
  • Seamless transactions with state-of-the-art security.
  • A decentralized digital currency with a focus on sustainability.
  • Join the future of staking and maximize your earnings.

Benefits of Holding Jerricky


Daily Staking Rewards


Low Transaction Fees


Decentralized & Secure


Global Accessibility


Sustainable Tokenomics



Our Journey

Jerricky Roadmap

Jan, 2023
Team Formation

The foundational members of Jerricky came together with a shared vision to revolutionize the crypto staking landscape.

Feb, 2023
Token Conceptualization

Jerricky's unique staking mechanism and benefits were brainstormed and finalized, setting it apart from other tokens.

Jun, 2023
Token Development

Development phase commenced, with a focus on secure, scalable, and efficient token architecture.

Oct, 2023
Private Pre-Sale

Early investors and enthusiasts were given an opportunity to participate in Jerricky's private pre-sale.

Dec, 2023
Public Sale

Jerricky token was made available to the broader public, witnessing an overwhelming response and reaching the hard cap quickly.

Jan, 2024
Mainnet Launch

Jerricky's staking platform went live, allowing users to stake and earn their 1% daily rewards seamlessly. Creation of Blockchain Imminent.


Crypto Staking Issues

Inconsistent Rewards

Most staking platforms have unpredictable rewards, making it hard for users to forecast their earnings.

High Transaction Fees

Claiming staking rewards often comes with high transaction fees, diminishing the actual earnings of users.

Complex Staking Mechanisms

Many staking platforms have complex mechanisms, making it daunting for newcomers to participate.

Lack of Flexibility

Users often face limitations in terms of how and when they can stake or un-stake their assets, restricting their financial flexibility.

Our Solutions

How Jerricky Solves It

Consistent 1% Rewards:

With Jerricky, enjoy consistent 1% rewards on your holdings daily. No unpredictability. Just steady earnings.

Minimal Transaction Fees:

Our efficient staking system ensures that transaction fees remain low, maximizing your earnings.

User-Friendly Staking:

Jerricky's platform is designed for both beginners and seasoned crypto enthusiasts, making staking straightforward and accessible.

Financial Flexibility:

Stake or un-stake your assets whenever you wish. Jerricky offers you complete control over your finances.

Our Team

Team Member

Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith
Chief Executive Officer

Jerry Smith, our CEO, has consistently showcased strong leadership qualities, guiding the company with a steady hand and a clear vision. His ability to navigate challenges and drive the company towards success has been commendable. Jerry's open-door policy and approachability make him a favorite among employees, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez
Chief Technical Officer

Rick Sanchez, often considered the genius behind the tech, leads the company's innovation and development efforts. With an unparalleled mind and a penchant for defying conventions, Rick consistently drives the team to explore uncharted territories. His vast experience and out-of-the-box thinking have been instrumental in ensuring that the company remains ahead of its competitors.

Johnathan Reyes
Johnathan Reyes
Founder and Lead Developer

Johnathan Reyes, the true visionary behind Jerricky, has been immersed in the world of cryptocurrency since the inception of Bitcoin. Despite the challenges of starting out at a young age, now at 24, he has mastered the art of developing and deploying his own blockchain.

Inspired by the synergy between Jerry and Rick from the popular show "Rick and Morty," Johnathan decided to name his currency after them. His goal is to provide consistent returns to investors, filling a gap left by other projects in the crypto space.

Facing the skepticism of the crypto community, Johnathan aims to convince investors that Jerricky is a worthwhile investment. The project implements anti-whale provisions, including a 5% burn and a 5% tax back to the owner's wallet for stakers, along with a limit of 6 transactions per day.

Beyond his role as a blockchain developer, Johnathan indulges in various projects, including music production. His scatterbrained approach to multiple projects coexists with his unwavering priority—his little family.


Have any questions?

How do I start staking Jerricky?

To start staking Jerricky, simply go to our staking platform, connect your wallet, and choose the amount you'd like to stake. Ensure you have enough Jerricky in your wallet.

Is there a fee associated with buying Jerricky?

Yes, there's a 5% burn and a 5% tax for Jerricky transactions. Additionally, a 5% tax goes back to the deployer's address to pay for stake earnings.

What is the contract address for Jerricky?


How can I ensure the security of my Jerricky tokens?

Always ensure you're using a secure and private wallet. Avoid sharing your private keys and use wallets that have a good reputation in the crypto community.


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